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Coroplast Signs

4mm Coroplast

Our 4mm Coroplast signs are a perfect solution for garden signs, you can take advantage of long traffic lights and traffic backups by placing your signs at busy intersections. You can also use them for the front of your office or as direction signs;

Stock: 4mm Coroplast

Color: 1-sided (4:0) or 2-sided (4:4)

Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 500


6" x 24"6" x 32"6" x 36"12" x 12"12" x 16"
12" x 18"12" x 24"12" x 36"12" x 48"18" x 24"
24" x 24"24" x 32"24" x 36"24" x 48"
32" x 48"36" x 36"36" x 48"48" x 48" 

Grommets: If you select grommets, the center of the grommets will be 4" inches from the left and right edges, and 1" inch from the top and bottom edges.
If you select corner grommets, the center of the grommets will be 1 inch from all edges.

Additional Finishing: Wire H-Stands and grommets are optional.

File Type: Print Ready PDF file

Special Instructions:  H-Stands - ONLY for 4mm  Min size is 12" 


  1. If you are using directional arrows on your signs. Your PDF file should be 2 pages with each arrow pointing in the opposite direction;
  2. If the Wire H-Stand Compatible option is not selected, may be produced with either vertical or horizontal:
  3. Items that are Wire H-Stand Compatible have vertical flutes that facilitate H-Stands into the signs. Say Yes to Wire H-Stand to receive the actual Wire H-Stand with your order.

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