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8mm Coroplast

Our 8mm Coroplast signs are a perfect solution for Real Estate Signs, these signs are Heavy Duty, thick and very durable. They are available in 4/0 1-sided or 4/4 2-sided and grommets are also available on this product on either the top side or all 4 corners.


  • 8mm Coroplast  

Color: 1 sided (4:0) or 2 sided (4:4)

Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 200


6" x 24"6" x 32"6" x 36"12" x 12"12" x 16"
12" x 18"12" x 24"12" x 36"12" x 48"18" x 24"
24" x 24"24" x 32"24" x 36"24" x 48"
32" x 48"36" x 36"36" x 48"48" x 48" 

Grommets: If you select grommets, the center of the grommets will be 4" inches from the left and right edges, and 1" inch from the top and bottom edges; If you select corner grommets, the center of the grommets will be 1 inch from all edges.

Additional Finishing: Wire H-Stands and grommets are optional.

File Type: Print Ready PDF file

Special Instructions:  H-Stands (stakes) are NOT available for 8mm


  1. If you are using directional arrows on your signs. Your PDF file should be 2 pages with each arrow pointing in the opposite direction;
  2. If the Wire H-Stand Compatible option is not selected, may be produced with either vertical or horizontal;
  3. Items that are Wire H-Stand Compatible have vertical flutes that facilitate H-Stands into the signs.

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